Claude Monet Considered

For more than 50 years Claude Monet has been one of my favorite artists, but while there are works I like more than others, I had never systematically […]

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Paintings at the Met – 19c.

Without being pretentious but in an effort to look at familiar art more closely, I herewith embark on a project to evaluate the Met’s collection gallery by gallery, selecting the best and the worst – […]

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NY Art Fairs ’17/’18

Three days, three modern and contemporary art fairs in New York with no duplication, except for a lot of Warhol at each.
TEFAF was far and away the classiest, in a beautifully decorated 67th St. Armory, […]

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Arabian Sights

Ten Highlights of Our Trip to Arabia.

1. Museum of Islamic Art (Qatar). Everything I hoped it would be: the ‘essence’ of Islamic architecture filtered through the geometric modernism of I.M. Pei. Wonderfully sited with a […]

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Spanish Art

Reflections on visiting the Prado and more:

Merely by painting The Spinners, Vulcan’s Forge and Las Meninas, Velazquez earned his place at or near the top of Western Europe’s great artists. His royal portraits are honored […]

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Gallery Shows

Mnuchin, a local gallery that presents museum-quality shows, rounded up works from the ’80s by Sean Scully, one of my favorites for his rough, building-block construction works. In the ’80s, however, he hadn’t yet found […]

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Valentin de Boulogne

The Met’s second big fall show opened last week, and as usual it is big: something like 40 of the 60 known paintings by Valentin de Boulogne – from the Louvre, above all, plus the […]

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A quick but labored walk through the Met’s newest blockbuster exhibition, Jerusalem (1000-1400), made me wonder if I was ‘arted out,’ if I was going to museums out of habit or sense of duty and […]

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What Is Art?

The age-old, unanswerable question came to mind as I pondered two equally compelling objects on back-to-back days in San Francisco (8/13-14/16). The first was the “strandbeest” at the Exploratorium in an exhibit titled “The Dream […]

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We saw two new modern-art museums this summer: the Broad in Los Angeles and SFMOMA in San Francisco. Both feature spectacular buildings and predictable art; both are worth the trip. The Broad, for obvious reasons, […]

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NY Museum Shorts

George Schastey The Met built a small show, Furniture in New York’s Gilded Age, around their “discovery” of furniture designer George Schastey, responsible for the Met’s newest period room, the dressing room from 4 West […]

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Capodimonte in Naples

Herewith, in chronological order, my ten personal favorite works from the Museum of Capodimonte in Naples:

Colantonio del Fiore, St. Jerome in his Study (1446). Best of the Naples artists featured upstairs; fun detail and warm, […]

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