Paintings at the Met – 19c.

Without being pretentious but in an effort to look at familiar art more closely, I herewith embark on a project to evaluate the Met’s collection gallery by gallery, selecting the best and the worst – […]

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NY Art Fairs ’17/’18

Three days, three modern and contemporary art fairs in New York with no duplication, except for a lot of Warhol at each.
TEFAF was far and away the classiest, in a beautifully decorated 67th St. Armory, […]

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Arabian Sights

Ten Highlights of Our Trip to Arabia.

1. Museum of Islamic Art (Qatar). Everything I hoped it would be: the ‘essence’ of Islamic architecture filtered through the geometric modernism of I.M. Pei. Wonderfully sited with a […]

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Spanish Art

Reflections on visiting the Prado and more:

Merely by painting The Spinners, Vulcan’s Forge and Las Meninas, Velazquez earned his place at or near the top of Western Europe’s great artists. His royal portraits are honored […]

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Gallery Shows

Mnuchin, a local gallery that presents museum-quality shows, rounded up works from the ’80s by Sean Scully, one of my favorites for his rough, building-block construction works. In the ’80s, however, he hadn’t yet found […]

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Valentin de Boulogne

The Met’s second big fall show opened last week, and as usual it is big: something like 40 of the 60 known paintings by Valentin de Boulogne – from the Louvre, above all, plus the […]

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A quick but labored walk through the Met’s newest blockbuster exhibition, Jerusalem (1000-1400), made me wonder if I was ‘arted out,’ if I was going to museums out of habit or sense of duty and […]

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What Is Art?

The age-old, unanswerable question came to mind as I pondered two equally compelling objects on back-to-back days in San Francisco (8/13-14/16). The first was the “strandbeest” at the Exploratorium in an exhibit titled “The Dream […]

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We saw two new modern-art museums this summer: the Broad in Los Angeles and SFMOMA in San Francisco. Both feature spectacular buildings and predictable art; both are worth the trip. The Broad, for obvious reasons, […]

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NY Museum Shorts

George Schastey The Met built a small show, Furniture in New York’s Gilded Age, around their “discovery” of furniture designer George Schastey, responsible for the Met’s newest period room, the dressing room from 4 West […]

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Capodimonte in Naples

Herewith, in chronological order, my ten personal favorite works from the Museum of Capodimonte in Naples:

Colantonio del Fiore, St. Jerome in his Study (1446). Best of the Naples artists featured upstairs; fun detail and warm, […]

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Art in Florence

Florence is a veritable Disneyland of Renaissance art, with commensurate gelaterias and boutiques scattered among the rides. As with Disneyland, one doesn’t want to miss an attraction, which inevitably leaves the visitor exhausted by the […]

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