Art in Florence

Florence is a veritable Disneyland of Renaissance art, with commensurate gelaterias and boutiques scattered among the rides. As with Disneyland, one doesn’t want to miss an attraction, which inevitably leaves the visitor exhausted by the […]

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I gave the much-maligned Museum of Modern Art the benefit of my doubt by signing up for a discounted “senior New York in May” membership en route to a quick tour of the current exhibitions. […]

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Van Dyck at the Frick

The exhibition of works by Anthony Van Dyck at the Frick Collection is really two shows – one extraordinary, one middling. In three downstairs rooms and one small cabinet upstairs, the Frick has assembled works […]

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NY Notes – April ’16

Our quick visit to New York mid-April was triggered by and centered on the Tribeca Film Festival’s world premiere of Haveababy, a Serin-produced documentary on in vitro fertilization that is reviewed elsewhere, very favorably I […]

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New York Notes

New York in November is a hotbed of art action, but in addition to the major shows and events – Picasso at MoMA, Stella at the Whitney, Egypt at the Met and the Print Fair […]

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Habsburg Splendor in Atlanta

I finally caught up with Habsburg Splendor, the touring exhibition that we previewed so memorably with the MIA group in Vienna exactly one year ago, and was hugely disappointed, partly because it paled so in […]

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Reimagining Modernism

I don’t mind it when museums shake things up, to make you look at familiar works afresh and introduce new ones, but what the Met has done with its Modernism collection (1900-1950) is to destroy […]

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Egypt at the Met

The Met’s new show on the art of Egypt’s Middle Kingdom is pretty terrific – for me, not so much for its scholarship, which is largely beyond my ken, but just because Egypt’s art is […]

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Picasso’s Sculpture

Picasso’s paintings reimagine reality in wholly original ways, turning three-dimensional objects into convincing two dimensions. His sculptures then take those wholly original two dimensions and turn them back into 3D, a 3D no longer tethered […]

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Sargent at the Met

In presenting an exhibition of works by John Singer Sargent, the Met has outdone itself again – or maybe I should say “overdone it again.” Going in, I was not a particular fan of Sargent, […]

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More American Art at the Met

I was thrilled to visit the Members’ Dining and Lounge area on the 4th floor of the Metropolitan Museum last night (10/2/15) and find it hung with some of my favorites. A trademark A.T. Bricher hung […]

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Italian Art from Glasgow

During the run of “Botticelli, Titian, & Beyond” at the Santa Barbara Museum of Art I took a quick tour through the corresponding galleries of Italian painting at the Metropolitan Museum in New York. I […]

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