Amid all the analysis trying to understand the seemingly inexplicable success in the polls, at least, of Democrat Bernie Sanders and Republican Donald Trump, there is one factor that I have not seen accorded enough weight: the evolution of campaign finance laws and rise of the super-PACs. The virtually unlimited amount of cash that the Sheldon Adelsons, Koch brothers and Tom Steyer can contribute to political campaigns has produced an election season that is longer and louder than we have seen before or than anyone wants. The flip side, though, is that the average person can only feel disenfranchised. It was only seven years ago that one could get an email from Barack Obama and feel you were making a difference with your $1,000. Who can really think that Hillary Clinton or Jeb Bush need my my money?

So, where and how can I make my voice heard, can I feel that I am still part of the process? Well, by saying I’m for someone who isn’t supported by PAC money. Sure, I know that money talks, and in the end I’ll be crushed, but for now let me have my fun, let the little man have his say.