Widows – 5

Better than Ocean's Eight, but not by much, this female heist movie had improbabilities piled on implausibilities, with enough loose threads to make a mitten. Viola Davis and Liam Neeson seemed an unlikely pair from [...]

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Green Book – 8

The "feel-good" movie of the year, with scene after scene of the good guys standing up to the bigots, one great song after another filling the soundtrack, and an almost entire cast of characters the [...]

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Roma – 7

Alfonso Cuaron's paean to his childhood nanny in 1971 black-and-white made me think, for different reasons, of The Bicycle Thief and Proust's Francoise, but it clearly meant more to him than to me. I kept [...]

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The Front Runner – 7.5

A fascinating look at recent political history, turning on the question whether a candidate's "zipper problem" should outweigh the substantive benefits he could provide the country. Of course, the question seems a bit quaint and [...]

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A Private War – 3

The dramatized story of a foreign correspondent who is neurotic, alcoholic, charmless and a chain-smoker, who injects herself into stories and cares more about the people whose "stories" she tells than the people in her [...]

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NY Fall Entertainment

Our fall entertainment schedule in New York began and ended with audience singalongs. At "Hershey Felder as Irving Berlin" the elderly crowd at the 59E59 Theater heartily joined in on "God Bless America" and many [...]

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Colette – 6.7

Like a Monet garden scene, Colette is a lovely period piece, more art than fire. The always beautiful Keira Knightley (how does she look so young!) embodies the turn-of-the-century writer/performer as she explores life and [...]

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