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Revolutionary Road – 5

2009-03-23T12:43:46+00:00March 23rd, 2009|Reviews|

How you feel about Revolutionary Road, either the book or the faithful movie adaptation, depends on how you react to Frank and April Wheeler, for this is really a character study. They are certainly not likeable characters, but that wouldn’t matter if they were comprehensible. And they should be equal. Unfortunately, Kate Winslet is an [...]

Gran Torino – 3

2009-03-17T18:36:44+00:00March 17th, 2009|Reviews|

Without question, the worst-acted movie of the year, and the plot warn't much better. Other than Eastwood, the actors seemed to be reading their lines, after checking the teleprompter. Eastwood's softening to the Hmong family next door belied his characterization, and Sue's bold approach to him made little sense, either. On top of The Changeling, I [...]