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Headhunters – 5

2012-05-29T18:37:46+00:00May 29th, 2012|Reviews|

I'm trying to think of one thing in this movie that wasn't absurd, but I can't come up with anything. Start with why the Scandinavian gorgeous (and smart and sensitive) Diana would be in love with Roger, her short, creepy, pompous husband. Next, how Roger expects to get millions by fencing a stolen Rubens that [...]

Bernie 7

2012-05-29T18:23:56+00:00May 29th, 2012|Reviews|

A brilliantly droll faux-documentary by Richard Linklater in which all the fun comes from laughing at the East Texan talking heads - and since these are mainly real East Texans we don't feel guilty about laughing at them, instead of with them, although that is mainly what we are doing. The three real actors - [...]

Coriolanus – 7.9

2012-05-06T10:54:15+00:00May 6th, 2012|Reviews|

As with every Shakespeare play, I wish I had read at least the first two acts before witnessing the production, to familiarize myself with the dialogue as well as the characters. Not having done this, I found 50% of the lines unintelligible, despite the actors' good efforts. Nevertheless, the acting was so good that the [...]