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The Act of Killing – 6.5

2013-08-05T22:46:11+00:00August 5th, 2013|Reviews|

A sick movie about sick people - specifically, Indonesian gangsters who killed wantonly in 1965 and are now willing to make a movie about it. It's hard to feel bad for mass murderers, but it is fairly clear they are being manipulated by director Joshua Oppenheimer, who must know that his subjects are making fools [...]

The Way, Way Back – 7

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Lots of cute moments, most supplied by Sam Rockwell as the cool-dude amusement park assistant manager (although technically he didn't seem to be managing anything, no one else was, either). The limp 14-year-old dealing with parents and girls is a tried-and-true trope, and it didn't fail here, but the story otherwise never rose above the [...]

The Conjuring – 5

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Moral of the movie: don't move into a haunted house. Backup advice: once in a haunted house, move out as fast as you can. The pseudoscientific demonologists, especially the lovely Vera Farmiga, added a nice touch to the otherwise plebeian story, but I lost track of the various daughters and the opportunity to make something [...]