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The Rider – 6.5

2018-04-29T22:25:51+00:00April 29th, 2018|Uncategorized|

A good film to discover, unheralded, at a small film festival - not something to be seen at CityCinema3 in Manhattan. The amateur acting is remarkably good, but occasionally painful; the shots of horses are welcome, except when the horse is literally shot; and the scenes of the West are surprisingly plain. The story, as [...]

A Quiet Place – 7

2018-04-17T00:14:20+00:00April 17th, 2018|Reviews|

Yes, it was scary - especially the erect nail waiting to be stepped on - and no, the story didn't make any sense, which I gather is par for a horror movie. What set this apart was the depiction of a family dynamic, portrayed by the real-life husband/wife team of John Krasinski and Emily Blunt. [...]

Itzhak – 7.5

2018-04-17T00:06:36+00:00April 17th, 2018|Film Festival, Reviews|

A delightful bio-documentary about a charming man who wears his musical genius lightly. Itzhak Perlman's story - overcoming polio to Juilliard to international stardom - is heartwarming, as is his marriage to a lively wife, but what sets this film apart is the music. I don't know classical music, but even I appreciated the excerpts [...]