Isn’t It Romantic – 6.5

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Cleverly takes the piss of the rom-com genre in genial, lighthearted fashion. Doesn't do much more, but if you enjoy Rebel Wilson (whom I wouldn't have known from Melissa McCarthy) in a fantasy with Liam Hemsworth and some New York locations, it's a pleasant way to kill time.

The Oscars

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As the Oscars approached the big reveal for Best Picture, I thought things had gone remarkably well. There had been excellent musical numbers by major artists: Queen, Bette Midler, Gillian Welch, Lady Gaga. The presenters had largely acquitted themselves just fine without a host, and we had been spared the embarrassingly condescending and time-wasting bits [...]

The Front Runner – 7.5

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A fascinating look at recent political history, turning on the question whether a candidate's "zipper problem" should outweigh the substantive benefits he could provide the country. Of course, the question seems a bit quaint and dated, given the personal foibles of our current president, but it was certainly alive a decade later when Ken Starr [...]

Maria by Callas – 4

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If you're an opera fan - or, better, a Maria Callas devotee - there's plenty here to savor: biography, interviews, soaring music and endless views of La Diva. If you're not, there's a lot of scratchy recordings, pictures of Maria getting into limousines and out of airplanes, old newsreel-style clips and not much insight into [...]

Bohemian Rhapsody – 8

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I give this a zero for originality and a 100 for hitting all the right chords, and when the chords in question are booming '80s arena-rock anthems by Queen, you've got a head start on a really fun movie. It's also a feel-good movie, despite the difficult private life and AIDS-related death of the lead [...]

The Happy Prince – 6.5

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Rupert Everett's paean to Oscar Wilde's final, desperate days is mainly interesting for its connection to Oscar Wilde. "The Importance of Being Ernest" was in the back of my mind the whole time I watched Wilde's dissolution in turn-of-the-century Paris and Naples. Coming on top of Collette, I'm getting familiar with the period, not to [...]

NY Fall Entertainment

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Our fall entertainment schedule in New York began and ended with audience singalongs. At "Hershey Felder as Irving Berlin" the elderly crowd at the 59E59 Theater heartily joined in on "God Bless America" and many other Berlin classics. They weren't as put off by Hershey Felder's unpleasant looks and persona as I was. A much [...]

A Star Is Born – 7

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If you like watching Bradley Cooper (with Sam Elliot's voice) and Lady Gaga (with and without makeup), you'll find plenty to like in this movie, which owed its feeling of longeur partly to overlong closeups of the two stars. If you're looking, however, for credible characters, gripping story or particularly good music, you may be [...]

Madeline’s Madeline – 7

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An innovative and rather intense look inside the mind of a 16-year-old biracial girl (Helena Howard), who comes in and out of focus, both literally and figuratively. Actually, more interesting is her relationships with, or maybe it is just her views of, two white mother figures, played adroitly by Molly Parker and Miranda July, whose [...]

Three Identical Strangers – 6

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Maybe it's just that I wasn't shocked, or even surprised, that 45 years ago someone engineered a study of twins separated at birth, or that an adoption agency wouldn't tell the adoptive parents about the twins, or that one of the reunited triplets would eventually go his own way and have emotional issues, or maybe [...]