Twins Fall Fast

[fusion_text]One week after the Twins had the best record in the American League they are falling toward mediocrity, and maybe more. When they were in first I had no idea, as I suggested in a previous post, what they were doing there. As for why they have lost four straight, with more to come, the answer is obvious: they are just not that good. More particularly, their offense was a mirage that has now evaporated. When your only hitter with double-digit home runs is your leadoff batter (after 60 games) you know there’s a power shortage. Then throw in .260 averages for your best regulars, including number-three hitter Joe Mauer, and the lack of run production is totally predictable.

The Twins’ starting pitching has been remarkably good. Without an established ace, the starters are churning out quality start after quality start. All that accomplishes, though, is putting the spotlight on the sputtering attack. Earlier in the season, things were going so well that we didn’t mind that hopes-of-the-future Buxton and Sano were still down in Double-A. Now, however, I am dying to see Buxton, at least, called up, if only so I don’t have to watch Aaron Hicks suffer. The relief pitching has been fine, but that only helps when the team is ahead (which is the only time Molitor will use his best: Boyer, Fien and Perkins). Now that Stauffer is gone, there is only Duensing to be cleared out. Oh, and they have to figure out what to do with Nolasco. It would be nice if another team wanted him.[/fusion_text]