Women’s World Cup

Much of the reporting on the USWNT’s overtime loss concentrated on Sweden’s winning penalty kick, which crossed the goal line by one, or maybe two, millimeters after being largely saved by US goalie Alyssa Naeher. Had it been saved, however, there was no guarantee the result would have been any different. The US would still […]

A Stupid Rule

On Sunday (7/11) the Twins blew a game, 7-6, to the Blue Jays when Emilio Pagan gave up two singles and a home run in the 8th inning, but the loss equally belonged to Carlos Correa, whose throw in the dirt on the back end of a sure double play allowed the Jays’ three previous […]

Twins Diary

October 12: I can’t complain or feel surprised that the Twins’ season ended last night with a 3-2 loss to the Astros. For one thing, the Twins won three playoff games and lost three, a .500 record that reflects the way they played most of the year. And when you see that both the Orioles […]

Twins Relievers

In last week’s games, in which the Twins went 2-6, these relievers gave up runs while pitching an inning or less: Lopez, Jax, Pagan, DeLeon, Stewart, Alcala, Moran. Sands was asked to pitch multiple innings, so I’ve left him off the list. The only reliever without a bad outing was Duran, and he barely pitched […]

Twins Update

The Twins’ relatively hot start in 2023 makes my end-of-year preview already look unduly gloomy. Their off-season additions have pleasantly surprised: while Byron Buxton has yet to play an inning in centerfield, newcomer Michael Taylor has been more than adequate defensively and an asset in the number nine hole. For one thing, he’s the only […]