Twins Preview ’23

After last season I thought: at least the Twins won’t try to rely on Max Kepler or Emilio Pagan again. Whomever they get will have to be better. Starting the 2023 season, however, Kepler is still in right field and Pagan is back in the bullpen. How, therefore, can the Twins be improved? Short answers: […]

Super Bowl ’23

Did the Chiefs win or did the Eagles lose the Super Bowl? Or did the officials decide it? By my eyeball test, the Eagles were the better team, and statistically Jalen Hurts was the better quarterback. But the teams were close enough in quality that mistakes made the difference: I count five for the Eagles, […]

Vikings ’22

The Minnesota Vikings’ miraculous 2022 season was brought to a merciful close by the New York Giants last Sunday. The 31-24 loss was a respectable score to bow out with, and it saved the Vikings from being utterly humiliated in the next round. Maybe they wouldn’t have lost as badly as the Giants did to […]

Twins Wrap-up

After one of the more disappointing seasons for the Minnesota Twins, everyone has thoughts on what needs to be done for 2022; I will offer mine. First, what were the good signs for the future, developments to build on: Two rookies emerged as mainstays of the roster, and there is every reason to expect them […]

Twins at Quarter Pole

Twenty-nine percent into the 2022 season it’s still impossible to gauge this year’s Twins team. It seems just as possible that they will implode as that they will maintain their five-game hold on first place, although the relative weakness of the other Central Division teams makes the latter the slightly stronger bet. The major takeaways […]