Art Sights of Sicily

            Our eight-day visit to Malta and Sicily was co-sponsored by the Metropolitan Museum of Art, so it stands to reason that art would be a major focus of our trip, at least when we weren’t on board the magnificent schooner Sea Cloud. These are among the memories:             1. Valley of Temples, Agrigento. We […]

Kandinsky & O’Keeffe

How instructive, and what a pleasure, to view back-to-back, at the Whitney and the Guggenheim, respectively, shows of abstract art by Georgia O’Keeffe and Vasily Kandinsky! Kandinsky was arguably the first abstract painter, and O’Keeffe, over in backward America, was not far behind. Most interestingly, both came to abstract art through music. It sounds obvious […]

William Holman Hunt at the MIA

We will undertake a bit of time travel as we enter Sin and Salvation, to the Victorian Age in England. What do we think of when we hear the word “Victorian” today? […] One dictionary definition I came across is, “A stifling and prudish moral earnestness.” In design we think of excessive ornamentation, even fussy clutter. […]

On visiting Broad Contemporary Art Museum

Made my first visit to the Broad Contemporary Art Museum at Los Angeles County Museum of Art this week and walked away with two questions. The first is the usual: what makes this stuff “art”? This was prompted first by seeing galleries devoted to Ellsworth Kelly and Cy Twombly back-to-back. I like Twombly’s work, but […]

Top Ten Artists (Painting Division)

Van Gogh Vermeer Cezanne Rembrandt Hiroshige Piero della Francesca Caravaggio Eakins Monet Diebenkorn de La Tour Durer van der Weyden Chardin Manet Constable Ni Tsan Velazquez Kensett Homer Turner Hokusai Prendergast Gainsborough Veronese Caillebotte Filippino Lippi Wyeth van Eyck Church Pollock Giotto The first question is, How do you rank painters from different eras, different […]