Mideast “Policy”

Letter to Representative Salud Carbajal:
July 2, 2917
Dear Representative Carbajal,
Congress should retake its Constitutional power to declare war and remove the blanket authorization that allows the President to send troops and drop bombs wherever he wants.
Trump’s “foreign policy” is a potential disaster.
1. Syria. The US has no business fighting in Syria and it serves no national interest. Assad’s alleged use of chemical weapons is a hoax, never proven, now further exposed by Seymour Hersh’s reporting (rebel-stocked chemicals were exploded by regular Syrian bombs).
2. Iran. We should be working with Iran to stabilize the Middle East, not treating it as an enemy. The claim that Iran supports “terrorism” is bogus; they support parties and forces that Saudi Arabia is opposed to, that’s all.
3. Saudi Arabia. Speaking of which, they are a backward, undemocratic theocratic state that produced the 9/11 hijackers and are now flaunting international law in trying to take over friendly, more liberal Qatar and causing a humanitarian disaster in Yemen.
We have nothing to gain and much to lose in taking sides in these complex Middle Eastern conflicts. Letting Trump and his generals loose, unsupervised, in this arena is wasting American resources and risking a major war. I don’t know how much wiser Congress would be, but exposing these issues to public debate and consideration is both appropriate and necessary.

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