Top Ten 2018

Just in time for Oscar voting, I list my favorite films of 2018. As I grow older, I find I rate films less on artistic merit or innovation or cultural relevance and more on the questions, Did I enjoy myself and Would I recommend the film to all my friends? Thus, my choices may seem more mainstream than my list of two decades ago, but this also brings me more in line with the Academy and will give me relevant rooting interests come February 24.
That said, my two favorite movies this year both happened to be documentaries, only one of which is up for an Oscar.

Top Ten 2017

In order to accommodate the films I liked, I've cleverly divided them into three categories: domestic, foreign and documentary. The bigger issue was weighing movies I enjoyed against movies I admired. For once, my choices and the taste of the award-givers weren't far apart.

Top Ten - 2016

By my rating standards, 2016 was the worst year yet for new movie releases. Perhaps as a reflection, dinner party discussion tended more toward what TV series are you watching/have you seen, than what's your favorite movie of the moment.

Top Ten 2015

My Top Ten this year is a bit of a cop-out, although not without precedent among major film critics: with no clear standout movie I will list my favorites in alphabetical order.

Top Ten 2014

Four of my ten highest-rated movies in 2014 were actually 2013 releases. This has caused me to add a PS to my last year's Top Ten (see below) and acknowledge what a bad year 2014 was for movies.

Top Ten - 2013

At one point, I thought I would use this year's list to highlight the unconventional approaches to moviemaking that gave me so much enjoyment.

Top Ten 2012

1. A Separation and Amour. Every year, it seems, there is a critical favorite that avoids the smaller cities until the deadline for my list has passed. Last year it was A Separation, which opened in 2011 but was far and away the best film I saw in 2012.

Top Ten - 2010

This year for the first time I am offering three Top Ten movie lists, and the first, for reasons of pre-Oscar urgency, will merely be my capitulation of the ten nominees for best film.

Top Ten Movies 2009

“Gritty” is the word that comes to mind when I think of the movies that made the greatest impact on 2009 for me.