Egypt at the Met

[fusion_text] The Met’s new show on the art of Egypt’s Middle Kingdom is pretty terrific – for me, not so much for its scholarship, which is largely beyond my ken, but just because Egypt’s art is so terrific. I don’t think the show argues that Middle Kingdom art is any better than art from Egypt’s […]

Picasso’s Sculpture

[fusion_text]Picasso’s paintings reimagine reality in wholly original ways, turning three-dimensional objects into convincing two dimensions. His sculptures then take those wholly original two dimensions and turn them back into 3D, a 3D no longer tethered to any recognizable reality. This trick is not all: every few years he creates in a new material: plaster, bronze, […]

Andy Goldsworthy

Ever since I saw Rivers and Tides, the 2001 film documenting his works, I have been a fan of Andy Goldsworthy, the preeminent “site-specific artist” of our time. Now 59, the British-born Goldsworthy has for some time “draw(n) his inspiration from place and creates art from the materials found close at hand, such as twigs, leaves, […]

Pretty Women in Sculpture

There are literally hundreds and hundreds of sculptures on display at the MIA, and it would take us days to explore them all. So, since we have just under an hour together, I thought I would concentrate on one particular sculptural subject, one that will nevertheless take us all over the museum, and even then […]