NY Art Fairs ’17/’18

Three days, three modern and contemporary art fairs in New York with no duplication, except for a lot of Warhol at each. TEFAF was far and away the classiest, in a beautifully decorated 67th St. Armory, tulips overhead and white wall hangings. This was not a fair to buy at, except for the very wealthy […]


We saw two new modern-art museums this summer: the Broad in Los Angeles and SFMOMA in San Francisco. Both feature spectacular buildings and predictable art; both are worth the trip. The Broad, for obvious reasons, is much the smaller: it houses one couple’s collection; whereas SFMOMA has history and a whole, very rich, city supporting […]

Andy Goldsworthy

Ever since I saw Rivers and Tides, the 2001 film documenting his works, I have been a fan of Andy Goldsworthy, the preeminent “site-specific artist” of our time. Now 59, the British-born Goldsworthy has for some time “draw(n) his inspiration from place and creates art from the materials found close at hand, such as twigs, leaves, […]

Oh, Canada & Globalization

MassMOCA is featuring an exhibition of new Canadian artists which, while not purporting to define an entire country, does give an idea of current artistic sensibility north of the border. I had a marvelous time and, looking back, was struck by the fact that six of my favorite seven pieces had moving parts. (I didn’t […]

The Clock, redux

I caught up with Christian Marclay’s The Clock again this weekend, this time at one of its new permanent homes, Boston’s MFA. The couches were comfy and the exhibition space was off the beaten track; the audience was small but committed and the viewing experience a good one. The second time around, the novelty of […]

Until Now: The Contemporary Art Tour

Welcome to Until Now, the MIA’s first exhibition of Contemporary Art. We’ve picked the period from 1960 to 2010, which happens to be half a century, a nice round number. But is there a significance to this particular 50-year span? I think you will see that there is, and the place to start is where […]

On visiting Broad Contemporary Art Museum

Made my first visit to the Broad Contemporary Art Museum at Los Angeles County Museum of Art this week and walked away with two questions. The first is the usual: what makes this stuff “art”? This was prompted first by seeing galleries devoted to Ellsworth Kelly and Cy Twombly back-to-back. I like Twombly’s work, but […]