Tangerine – 8

Yo, bitch, whatcha doin’ in my movie! Chasing Chester, not waiting for Godot, not waiting for anyone. Great characters and gritty streets – L.A. like you’ve never seen it, nor want to: “City of Stars Bail Bonds” being a typical background sign. All roads lead to Donut Time, and at the film’s climax all the principals – the Armenian cabbie, his wife, daughter and mother-in-law; the two transgender hookers, their pimp and their hostage, plus Mamasan behind the counter – converge. I can’t remember what exactly happens, not much is resolved, and everyone goes back to their realistic, crummy lives after having had their moment in the iPhone lens. Special kudos to Mickey O’Hagan as the pathetic loser girlfriend, dragged around by her hair on one shoe – a performance for the ages.

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