A Private War – 3

The dramatized story of a foreign correspondent who is neurotic, alcoholic, charmless and a chain-smoker, who injects herself into stories and cares more about the people whose “stories” she tells than the people in her life. And to what end? For her own fame? For the glory of her newspaper? Surely not to alleviate suffering in the world and end wars, because her stories have the impact of a mosquito bite on the political leaders and military-industrial complex that are responsible for the killing. However noble her intentions, it’s hard to sympathize as she continually exposes to danger the people she works with and disobeys the people she works for. I thought I was a Rosamund Pike fan, but this role turned me off – even with a totally gratuitous nude scene. This was more an advertisement for cigarettes than journalism. If not for my responsibilities as a blog reviewer I would have left about when she lit up for the 16th time.

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