Blue is the Warmest Color – 8

Swann in Love is a minutely detailed account of a love affair, focusing entirely on Swann’s feelings, day by day, every moment of longing, pleasure, and above all, jealousy. Nothing really happens; there is no climax or denouement; it is just a portrait, of Swann in love, and how that love affects and changes him. Substitute Adele for Swann, and you pretty much have what happens in the inexplicably titled Blue. Not surprisingly, the movie, like Proust, is French – and the affair is homosexual. The acting, by the teenaged Adele Exarchopoulos, is every bit as remarkable as the novel’s prose. Adele is totally convincing as the young, unformed adolescent, coming to grips with her sexual feelings. It is, along with Cate Blanchett’s, the performance of the year. Lea Seydoux, in the Odette de Crecy role, is appropriately magnetic and inscrutable. The movie is not everyone’s cup of tea – nor is Proust – but it is a remarkable achievement.

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