Bridesmaids – 6.5

I don’t know what all the fuss, all the critical commentary and browbeating, is about. This was nothing but a typical Judd Apatow gross-out comedy, albeit with women instead of men providing the humor, frequently lewd. Granted, the lovable loser role, instead of being played by a schlumpy Seth Rogen or Jonah Hill, was given to the lovely Kristin Wiig, who could look disheveled but never bad. Guys just would never go to a film starring an unattractive female, such as Maya Rudolph, who here played the bride, so there is that double standard, I suppose, but that’s hardly major social commentary. The point is, this film was just your normal string of set-up jokes, with a totally predictable romance on the side to provide a story arc. Some, particularly involving air marshals were a riot; some, particularly involving cute dogs, were not. But I felt a whole lot better walking out of the theater and driving home than I did going in; and isn’t that what entertainment is about?

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