Cafe Society – 7.5

A sweet love story, depending entirely on your view of Jesse Eisenberg and Kristen Stewart. Unlike classic Woody Allen, the ancillary characters were ciphers and the jokes few and far between. The period clothes, settings and music, of course were impeccable. I have always been infatuated with Kristen Stewart, and she’s never been more seductive, in the emotions she portrayed as well as her looks. Eisenberg, however, represents the Woody Allen issue: the doofus whom the beautiful women find irresistible, and it’s hard to go along on that ride. Eisenberg has the same mannerisms he’s had in every role he’s played so far, which is also wearing thin. I fondly remember this same couple in similar roles in Adventureland seven years ago; you’d think Eisenberg would have outgrown some of his stutter by now. When we are asked to accept him as maitre-d’ of the hottest club in town, we realize we are lost in Woody’s fantasyland.

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