District 9 – 8

Who are the bad guys here? Is it the “prawns” from outer space? The Nigerian hoodlums?  The profit-driven corporate chieftains at MNU? Or the trigger-happy South African Defense Force? We know the good guy is the pencil-pusher Wikus van der Merve, and what a good guy! Meak, somewhat wimpy, none too bright, and yet he emerges as the only one who gets it right, although he does have to kill a lot of people along the way, and I can’t even remember what happens to him at the end. This film is brilliant in its moral ambiguity, its documentary style is oh-so-clever, and its pacing is perfect. And despite the inclusion of a million creatures from a space ship, I found the movie quite realistic, perhaps because Johannesburg was itself an alien backdrop. The only thing I had trouble accepting was the requirement that MNU obtain prawn signatures on their eviction notices.

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