Force Majeure – 4

An oxymoronic Swedish comedy and two hours of passive aggression, Force Majeure was a highly touted major disappointment. I can’t think of a single scene that rang true (especially compared to Wet Bum, seen earlier the same day), most fatally the husband’s fleeing his children at the onslaught of an avalanche. So much of the movie seemed to depict the unraveling of a marriage, but other than their mutual use of electric toothbrushes it was never clear what the couple’s relationship was built on. She was beautiful, and he appeared pretty much a loser from the start. When he was locked out of his hotel room, why didn’t he ask the front desk for another key? When they faced blizzard conditions at the top of the run, how could he possibly have made everyone ski on, after getting reamed out for endangering everyone during the avalanche? How could the wife pretend to get lost on the hill, forcing her husband to rescue her and leave their children in danger or protect the children and abandon her? And most irritating, why would everyone get off the bus, miles from nowhere, because the wife panicked? The filmmaker resolved nothing, just left us glad to be rid of these people, who had ruined a quite lovely ski resort with their labored and unconvincing psychological drama.

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