Grand Budapest Hotel – 7.8

The latest, and one of the best, from the modern movie Mannerist Wes Anderson – a totally stylized romp through pre-war Eastern Europe, if you can call a cross between the Marx Brothers and James Bond a style. Each shot begged you to look for little jokes in the background – like the Delta flight announcement – as much as you paid attention to the stilted dialogue. An old man tells the story of his youth to a young writer who tells it to us many years later, so a little exaggeration is to be expected. The best part of the convoluted tale is the many roles it offers to famously recognizable actors, who can mug to their heart’s content and still remain in character. (Bill Murray, alas, is wasted.) I have gone to every Wes Anderson film since the well liked Rushmore and consistently been disappointed – but not this time.

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