In the Loop – 7.9

Hysterically funny, at least the half I was able to catch. It was paced like a sitcom, and the performances were uniformly over-the-top, but the whole fit seamlessly together, like fingers in a glove. An especially deft and novel leitmotif was the role of 20-somethings, pulling and being hit by levers in the power corridors of Washington and London. The story of how British “intel” facilitated America’s rush into a nameless war might have seemed absurd had not every event in the movie echoed reality as we now know it. An inside source on WMD called “Iceman”? Not half as ridiculous as the CIA’s reliance on “Screwball.” The media’s fixation on a crumbling garden wall while war is being plotted? Try the “beer summit,” while health-care overhaul is left to dry.

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