Interstellar – 5.5

If a little Matthew McConaughey – as, say, in Mud – goes a long way, more than two hours of him saving the human species is a very long trip. Anne Hathaway is more to my liking, but like Sandra Bullock in Gravity she was quite buttoned up. “Interstellar” seemed to refer to all the stars that were assembled for even bit parts: beyond the three names above the title, we were treated to Michael Caine, Matt Damon (miscast), Casey Affleck, Ellen Burstyn, , David Oyelowo, John Lithgow – even my old favorite, William Devane (although I have no recollection of his role). Almost none created a character beyond their persona, which was partly due to the comic-book nature of the script. The conclusion, instead of bringing things together, was one big contradiction, which kept me from thinking too seriously about the movie, if I had been inclined to in the first place.

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