Lizzie – 7

A beautiful period piece, with visuals of ladies in ruffles straight out of William Merritt Chase, plus a nod to de La Tour and some Sargent. When Bridget is seen on a train to Montana at the end, you realize that there hasn’t been any color or fresh air or distance in any shot that has come before. The film is helped by the fame of its plot: we want to know exactly why and how Lizzie Borden took an axe, etc. And it doesn’t hurt that we are watching Chloe Sevigny and the wondrous Kristen Stewart (who looks about 17) the whole time. While sufficiently engaging, the film doesn’t raise any goosebumps or grab your heart. The characters are without ambiguity – especially the men – and we know what’s coming. And when the job was neatly done…

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