Nebraska – 8

Bruce Dern plays a Midwestern Lear in the role of a lifetime (I know, because I saw his other career highlights in a Film Festival tribute the next day) and June Squibb is an Oscar-worthy match for Jennifer Lawrence in an uncannily similar role; but what most intrigued me was the son, played uncomfortably by Will Forte. He let life push him around – is this why he sympathized with his father? – and in almost every scene I wondered, why is he doing this. At the end, he becomes uber-decisive, and the only thing I wondered about more than why this change was where did he get the money? This was a writer’s movie – one comedy sketch after another – painted on an empty black-and-white canvas, with the Nebraska sky providing most of the empty. The best thing was the depiction of how people, especially family, reacted to Woody’s sudden wealth. That nothing else made much sense was a minor drawback.

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