Rachel Getting Married 8

Anne Hathaway gives a riveting performance (Best of the Year) as the psychotic woman released from rehab to attend, but in the event almost wreck, her sister’s wedding. The other characters barely register (I kept waiting in vain for Sidney to display some evidence of a personality), and none can draw our eyes away from the manic Hathaway with a short haircut that has all the marks of, in a telling metaphor, being self-inflicted. We see enough of her mother, the excellent Debra Winger, to see where some of Kim’s problems, such as lack of personal responsibility and emotional detachment, come from. But most of the movie is like watching a train, hurtling toward a wreck that we know is coming. We don’t feel cheated at the end when it doesn’t, just kind of relieved that a very bumpy ride is over. Still, the ride could have been about ten minutes shorter, as the wedding scene threatened to equal The Deer Hunter’s in irrelevance.

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