The End of the Tour – 8

I haven’t read Infinite Jest – although now I want to – and I know nothing about David Foster Wallace, but Jason Segel did about as good a job of creating a real person out of a historical figure as I can remember. Jesse Eisenberg was brilliant, too, as a youngish reporter unable to separate an interview from a personal relationship. Although Wallace was the genius with demons that destroyed him, it was the reporter Lipsky’s ambitions, insecurities and other personal foibles that we identified with and loomed larger. “Although Of Course You End Up Becoming Yourself” is the name of Lipsky’s book that the film is based on, and screenwriter Donald Margulies captures that perspective subtly but perfectly. (I just wish there wasn’t so much smoking, an acting crutch that Eisenberg doesn’t need.) Always good to see Minneapolis depicted, even in winter.

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