The Imitation Game – 8

This was a schizophrenic film: was it about Alan Turing’s cracking the Nazis’ Enigma code, or was it about Britain’s cruel criminalization of homosexuality? The film’s scenes jockeyed back and forth, up to and including the closing credits. Fortunately, both stories were quite good, although my two biggest reservations sprung from the latter: Benedict Cumberbatch’s excellent acting went over the top in his final scene with Keira Knightley, and the boy Turing was too adorable to justify being picked on so brutally. My other complaint relates to the film’s trailer, which we saw a good half-dozen times: every one of the best lines, and I do mean every one, had been given away before we could experience them in context. What I especially liked in the actual film were the cooly, crisp characters played by Mark Strong, Charles Dance and Matthew Goode. The complete competence and intelligence displayed by MI6’s Menzies (Strong) was refreshing in a government official. The period sets and costumes drew me in right away and I remained engrossed until the end. The character played by Keira Knightley (not to mention others) may have wildly diverged from historical accuracy, but there is little I wouldn’t forgive for the chance to watch Keira Knightley.

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