The Man Who Loved Yngve -9

The unfortunate title aside – there was no “man” in the movie and it was about so much more than loving Yngve – there was nothing I would change in this Norwegian coming-of-age story, a study, much like Juno, of that age when teenage rebellion and angst run up against real-world consequences. There was the dorky friend, the sexy girlfriend, the divorced parents, the loner bandmate, and holding it all together was the redhead Carlje, trying to live with the conflicting emotions that were tearing him up inside. The story revolved around good rock music, a real plus, and the culture was just different enough, yet totally recognizable, to add flair to the familiar story.  Think Catcher in the Rye, Ebony Tower, The Graduate…I smiled from the opening scene to the end – a wonderful SBIFF experience.

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