Trouble With the Curve – 7

One could list the ten most improbable moments of the film, starting with Amy Adams throwing her potential law firm partnership in the garbage can, or Rigo Sanchez, sans warmup, throwing fastballs past Bo Gentry (and if the issue is the curve, why make Rigo a lefthander?), and you’d probably have trouble stopping at ten; or, one could just say what a great acting job Amy Adams did, as usual, and what fun it was to watch her relationship with Justin Timberlake blossom and luxuriate in her mass of red hair. The baseball scenes rated a ‘B,’ which is pretty good for a Hollywood movie, and the trivia questions were pitched perfectly. The main downer was Clint Eastwood, so crusty you wanted to spit him out and bring in a reliever, like the old pro John Goodman. A la Hollywood, the bad guys were presented as so devoid of redeeming qualities that it was heartwarming to see them disgraced and fail at the finale.

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