Brooklyn – 8.4

We’re living in Colm Toibin’s world at the moment – having finished Nora Roberts, reading The Master, now seeing Brooklyn – and what a sensitive and down-to-earth world it is! Characters are minutely observed, and the plot points are all everyday events. Here, all the everyday events happen to Saoirse Ronan’s Eilis, and the beauty of the film is watching her, almost imperceptibly, grow from a simple Irish lass – younger sister, good-looking girl’s best friend – into a confident young woman who makes her way in the New World. The secondary characters are all wonderful – none more than the reliable Jim Broadbent as Father Flood (and how nice, after Spotlight, to see the good side of the Catholic Church). I was puzzled that Eilis went so far with her Irish suitor, but maybe we just are meant to understand everybody all the time. In the end, we left the theater with a warm feeling, hoping that Eilis and Tony live happily ever after and that Ronan gets an Oscar nomination.

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